I'm a technology entrepreneur working at Google Ventures. I started Excite with five friends in 1993 and sold it to @Home in 1998. After Excite, Joe Kraus and I founded Joe and I started JotSpot and sold that company to Google in 2006. I currently serve on the board of the Santa Fe Institute.

"The modern criminal legal system thrives on the fact that the Constitution is not self-executing" link
Can We Reduce Bias in Criminal Justice? link
Leaving New York and Also Technology link
RT @smartyboots: "Corporations are immortal, transhuman artificial life-forms and humans are their gut flora." link
RT @patrickc: So my working theory is that if you assemble enough enterprise software ads, an airport spontaneously forms around them.
"about 125 Americans control more than 40 percent of election contributions" link
"How Steven Seagal Became the Kremlin’s Unlikeliest Envoy" link
"I want them to stare at us and realize our capacity for rationalization and moral surrender." link
"I personally will stab you in the eye with a foreign object" link
RT @karandrakis: Jesus regularly ate dinner with thieves and whores, and you're telling me it's against your religion to bake a cake for a …
"Which means [clothing chain] H&M is creating fake white supremacist bands." link
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