I'm a technology entrepreneur working at Google Ventures. I started Excite with five friends in 1993 and sold it to @Home in 1998. After Excite, Joe Kraus and I founded Joe and I started JotSpot and sold that company to Google in 2006. I currently serve on the board of the Santa Fe Institute.

RT @kkjordan: If my kid can't bring peanut butter to school, yours shouldn't be able to bring preventable diseases.
RT @Noahpinion: It's worth it to step back and realize just how unprecedentedly bad the 2000s were - and how well we withstood them. http:/…
RT @TriciaLockwood: Do you remember how lonely we all used to be before brands learned how to love
Great essay on Charlie Hebdo link
It’s better this way link
RT @pmarca: Who knew pulp science fiction writers from the 1950s & 1960s were in charge of setting the global innovation agenda for the nex…
RT @ID_AA_Carmack: I finished reading the entire Planetary series by Ellis again. Recommended!
RT @willlowther: @Hicks_206 @Will_Overgard there are two kinds of people in this world. People who think die hard is a Xmas film and people…
RT @markrussinovich: Surprised this isn't getting attention: cyberattack on German steel factory destroys furnaces link
"Fundamental plot arcs, seen through multidimensional analysis of thousands of TV and movie scripts" link
"The gaze of the elf [resonates with] the panopticon,... Jeremy Bentham’s 18th century design for a model prison" link
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