I'm a technology entrepreneur working at Google Ventures. I started Excite with five friends in 1993 and sold it to @Home in 1998. After Excite, Joe Kraus and I founded Joe and I started JotSpot and sold that company to Google in 2006. I currently serve on the board of the Santa Fe Institute.

"The expansion of the Universe itself [...] could be affected by aggressively expanding civilizations" link
RT @LibyaLiberty: Ted Cruz saying he's "a Christian first, an American second" is like believing in shariah law over the Constitution.
I enjoyed this conversation between 2 self-driving cars, and +1 for Culture reference. link
RT @CoreyRobin: White police officer assigned to wiretap Malcolm X winds up being converted to his views. Just by listening to them. https:…
Chandler: (in a muffin) (Runs to the girls to cry) Can I get some presents. link
RT @zenametal: How I will reply to all emails now: link
RT @LockdownVegas: Good job guys!! link
RT @pourmecoffee: The founders always intended Iowa to be this important in choosing a president.
RT @connorsb: Google's smart replies make me feel like my life is a Bethesda game's conversation tree. link
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