I'm a technology entrepreneur working at Google Ventures. I started Excite with five friends in 1993 and sold it to @Home in 1998. After Excite, Joe Kraus and I founded Joe and I started JotSpot and sold that company to Google in 2006. I currently serve on the board of the Santa Fe Institute.

RT @Pinboard: “Once John Popper from Blues Traveler was arguing with it all night long […] I figured anything was possible,” link
RT @pmarca: I too hate when I can't collect from murderous dictators for "tent-related troubles"! link
RT @gragtah: San Francisco described in a 1930s history book link
RT @tripgabriel: About as devastating a piece as you will find on 'the breaking of Ryan to Trump's saddle.' From George Will link
RT @mattyglesias: A lot of senators who say they don't agree with Trump's racial theory of the judiciary are holding a Supreme Court seat v…
RT @ThePracticalDev: Also available as an audiobook, so you can crush it on the go. link
RT @Pinboard: It’s a crime for humans to approach within 100m of a bear, but bears that approach humans are not prosecuted. #doublestandard…
"He wants to exclude people from government jobs because of their race. That is the literal definition of racism." link
RT @freddoso: I dunno, he's Mexican. After that taco bowl I kinda like your chances. link
RT @speechboy71: A presidential candidate using his platform to attack a judge in which he's the defendant would in a normal political part…
RT @Dr24hours: Absolutely love this. Endorse. h/t @LMFinney link
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