I'm a technology entrepreneur working at Google Ventures. I started Excite with five friends in 1993 and sold it to @Home in 1998. After Excite, Joe Kraus and I founded Joe and I started JotSpot and sold that company to Google in 2006. I currently serve on the board of the Santa Fe Institute.

RT @anildash: The source for @realDonaldTrump's tweet? An actual neo-Nazi. That's whose dangerous racist lies he wants to amplify: link
RT @dribnet: Sentences embedded in continuous space; any line segment provides poetry of interpolation. link link
“So, I shared my baklava with them” link
The Visual Microphone: Passive Recovery of Sound from Video link
RT @attackerman: What, sown on their clothes? link
RT @techdirt: After Endless Demonization Of Encryption, Police Find Paris Attackers Coordinated Via Unencrypted SMS link
RT @BlogsofWar: From 2004 to 2014, over 2,000 terror suspects legally purchased guns in the US link
RT @owillis: if only we had a seasonally appropriate story about middle eastern people seeking refuge being turned away by the heartless
RT @NateSilver538: Terrorism in the EU is much LESS common than it once was. link link
I guess it’s not “too soon” to talk about gun control link
RT @ezraklein: Republicans have convinced themselves that America is doing terribly, but it isn't: link
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